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SOUNDTOUCH® WIRELESS MUSIC SYSTEMS The easiest way to play music throughout your home – from music services and Internet radio to your stored music library. EASY ACCESS A world of music – at your fingertips Stream it all over your existing Wi-Fi® network – music services like Spotify®, Internet radio, or your stored music library on your computer or NAS drive with multi-room speakers. In addition to Wi-Fi® connectivity, SoundTouch® also lets you enjoy any music from any Bluetooth® device so you can stream almost anything you can imagine. Millions of songs. Thousands of radio stations. All your music. All at your fingertips.Bose SoundTouch Multi-Room Speaker Systems at electricshop.comEASY SETUP You’ll be listening in minutes Download the free app onto your smartphone, tablet or computer to transform your device into a powerful remote that controls your music universe. Drag and drop to set up your personalised presets, control playback in each room, or discover new music.There’s a lot of music in your life. Now there’s a way to enjoy it without jumping through hoops.LISTEN THROUGHOUT YOUR HOMEListen throughout your home From one-piece music systems to outdoor speakers and home cinema systems, you can start with one and add more SoundTouch® systems whenever you’re ready. They all work together to play the same music in every room, or different music in different rooms. You can even create customised zones, all with the intuitive app.

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Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter
Accessory Type Wireless Adaptor
Colour Black
Audio Functions Wi-fi
Input/Output AUX, Optical Connection
Receiver / Amp Features Multi-Room, Wireless Adaptor
Amp / Receiver Type Multi-Room Amplifier
instockIn Stock
Save £10.95
Was £139.95
Bose Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Surround Speakers in Black
Audio Specification Surround Type
Colour Black
Speaker Type Surround Speakers, Wireless Speakers
instockIn Stock
Save £47.00
Was £299.95
Bose® SoundTouch® SA-5 Multi-Room Amplifier
Audio Specification Amplifier, Bluetooth
Colour Black
Audio Functions Wi-fi
Input/Output AUX, Ethernet
Receiver / Amp Features Bluetooth, Multi-Room, Wi-Fi Built In
Amp / Receiver Type Multi-Room Amplifier
instockIn Stock
Save £26.95
Was £449.95
Bose WB-120 Wall-Mount Kit
Accessory Type Speaker Bracket
Colour Black
instockAvailable to Order
Save £3.00
Was £29.95
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