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Denon AHD7200 Reference Quality Over Ear Headphones Walnut
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Denon AHD7200 Reference Quality Over Ear Headphones Walnut

Denon's new AH-D7200 reference headphones have been created by drawing on more than 50 years' knowledge and experience in design and development. During those 5 decades, we have refined our expertise in making fine-sounding headphones so blissfully comfortable, you'll never want to take them off. In these premium headphones, we used our unique Japanese-made FreeEdge drivers, which give you an accurate pistonic motion for ultra-precise sound with minimal disortion. The drivers have been placed on vibration-reducing engineering resin baffles, which have been fitted into self-damping real walnut housings created to give warmth and life to your favourite songs. There is a detachable 7N-purity copper cable, also made in Japan to Denon's exact specification, which guarantees the best possible signal transmission - it is fitted with a durable machine-cut metal plug with an ornamental copper ring. The ear cups are suspended on a headband finished in a genuine sheepskin leather, with ergonomically curved diecast aluminium hangers, whilst the memory foam ear cushions are covered with an extremely soft artificial leather created specifically for these style of headphones. Every single part of this no-compromise design is focused on sound quality, comfort - and the ultimate listening experience.

Ultra-high-quality connection
There is a detachable 7N-purity copper cable, made in Japan to Denon's exact specifications, to guarantee the best possible signal transmission, and it is fitted with a durable machine-cut metal plug with an ornamental copper ring.
Unique FreeEdge driver technology
At the heart of the AH-D7200 is the 50mm FreeEdge driver diaphragm, made from a nano-fibre material that has been chosen specifically for its rigidity and low mass. This gives you an accurate pistonic motion without distortion, and is also self-damping to get rid of any unwanted resonances within the diaphragm. It is mounted in a soft, compliant surround, making it easier for it to move in response to the music signal without flexing or distorting, for the best possible sound quality.
Real wood - Ear cups
The aesthetic of the 100% natural walnut ear cups enhance the sound experience. They are self-damping and strong, completely getting rid of any unwanted vibrations for super-detailed reproduction that brings concert hall-like life, warmth, and musicality to your listening experience.
Luxurious craftmanship
The outside of the headband is adorned with an authentic sheepskin leather for a soft luxurious feel, while the inside uses stitched engineered leather for the ultimate comfort and durability.
Wearing comfort
The headband uses a perfectly ergonomically contoured die-cast aluminum construction for optimized comfort and fit. The ear-pads are gently wrapped in an extremely soft engineered leather developed specifically for these AH-D7200 headphones, and memory foam, allowing them to fit to the shape of your head for the most blissful fit. Every component of these headphones compromise free design is all about sound quality and comfort - the ultimate listening experience.
Perfect Adjustment
To accomodate varied head-sizes, the adjustable headband uses positive ball-bearing click-stops for precise and repeatable adjusment. Numbered markings indicate how to restore your personal setting quickly and precisely, without the fuss of readjusting everytime you take them off.
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