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Introducing Login and Pay with Amazon

You can now login and pay with the payment and shipping information stored in your Amazon account. This makes shoping at electricshop.com a breeze, by saving time and ensuring fast and secure payment! If you have an Amazon account, then you're ready to use our new payment option!


Amazon Payments Proven Security

Protected wherever you go

Amazon's A-to-Z Guarantee lets you buy with confidence and peace of mind.
When you pay with Amazon, you take the protection of Amazon with you. Amazon don’t share your card information plus you’re covered by the same buyer protection plan available on Amazon.co.uk.

Amazon Payments - SImplified for Mobile Transactions

Mobile payments, simplified

You can simply use the information already stored in your Amazon accounts to pay, with no need to re-enter credit card or address information. This is ideal for when shopping on mobile devices!

Amazon Payments - Speedy and Safe

A safe and speedy checkout

You're just a few taps away from making a purchase! By loging in to Amazon on our checkout page, you won't need to type your address or payment information again - saving you time by not having to look for your payment cards!

Spend time finding what you want, not your wallet

Your Amazon Payments account is your gateway to the world's best merchants!

Simply add the products you want to buy to the basket and click on the  Pay with Amazon button to sign in and pay with Amazon!